Dreamwork is Exquisite Self Care

My Top 3 Struggles as a Feminine Entrepreneur

As a Feminine Entrepreneur, I admit I struggle profoundly in balancing my drive to succeed with my overall well-being, my relationships, and relishing joy and pleasure in life. I can feel so alone in my journey. I can easily sink into the paralyzing fear that I’m not doing enough, I don’t want it enough, or
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A Mother and Daughter taking a Selfie in front of a giant cyprus tree

3 Keys to #winning at Parenting…Even When You Feel Like Crap

Truthyfully, the title of this blog post could more accurately be: 3 Keys to #winning at Parenting…Even When [ insert Life Challenge here]. Because these 3 Tips are what enable any Parent dealing with any issue be more present, loving, and ninja-like in their ability to navigate anything parenthood and life has to throw at
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A smiling woman wears a t-shirt that reads "resilient." Pink words say "Why you don't need to fear failure" over the top of the picture.

Why You Don’t Need to Fear Failure

The feeling my daughter hates (and me too!) when she doesn’t reach her goals is Shame. And this insidious sensation packs such a wallop of discomfort and pain that we will do just about anything to avoid feeling it. We avoid setting goals. We avoid making changes we know will benefit our health, relationships, or career. We talk ourselves out of plunking down money to get the help we know we need and actually desperately want.

Self-Care Offers the Best ROI

A few moments in life tend to stand out as turning points, a cross roads where we become conscious that we can choose a different way – a better way. For me, I remember the day I caught myself saying (for about the millionth time): I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy. I remember wondering to
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If Chocolat were my Dream…

Have you ever seen the movie, Chocolat with Juliette Binoche, Dame Judy Dench, and Johnny Depp? It’s one of my favorites! And not just because it features some of the most decadent ways to indulge in chocolate! I rewatched the movie this weekend as part of a day long workshop entitled Beyond Patriarchy.  Yep, we watched a movie about
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