7 Days of Legendary Gifts

So, I was getting my nails done yesterday…

And my nail tech (shout out to Nails by Aspen) asked me:

So, have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Now, I’m not gonna lie – I’m a late Christmas shopper. But I don’t stress about it because I love to give experiences and gifts from friends and/or local places.

No fighting my way through a mall with that plan (thank goddess)!

So I thought I’d round up some of my favorite experiences and gifts from people I know, love, and have purchased from or worked with.

Any of these gifts are guaranteed to make you a legend in the world of gift giving (in a good way…not in an aunt that always gives you a suitcase full of drugstore make-up kind of way).

I’ll start with the ones that are the most time sensitive!

First Up!

These offerings you can give separately or bundle together for amazing gift to get someone’s year started off with the magic of purpose and a good plan!

Here are all the links for your convenience, followed by the separate items:

Living Your Soul’s Agenda 2024 Planner
Living Your Soul’s Agenda Workshop
Find Your Soul’s Agenda, by Ani Anderson
Soul’s Agenda Session with Julie Balderrama

Living my Soul’s Agenda
2024 Planner & Workshop

This Holiday Gift is time sensitive because Ani Anderson, author of Find Your Soul’s Agenda has created a 2024 planner so you can plan your year according to your Soul’s Agenda.

You can grab copies for all your besties (don’t forget you!) for $13.99 (maybe you start a book club…a planner club?!)

This planner is based on the Find Your Soul’s Agenda process – an assessment Ani developed (I’m linking the book below).

As someone on a life-long journey to know and relate to my Self better, I love love love a good assessment (from Meyer’s Briggs to the Enneagram to Human Design bring it!).

And as much as I love a good assessment, I also love a good planner!

A planner based on an assessment??? Shut the front door!

Plus, she’s hosting a 90 minute workshop on December 16th that will show you exactly how to use the planner – for free! Bonus: Everyone who comes to the workshop gets a copy of the planner.

Click here to register for the workshop

The workshop will cover:

1) Define the 7 areas of life that you should always include in your annual planning
2) Outline the weekly review process that will help you feel like you’re making progress and moving forward with your life goals
3) Notice the #1 area around purpose that keeps most people stuck all their lives and see how to avoid that pitfall

Haven’t been through the Soul’s Agenda process yet? I got you covered six ways to Sunday (well, two at least)

  1. Get the book

Find Your Soul’s Agenda, by Ani Anderson

I take almost all of my new clients through the Find Your Soul’s Agenda process, as well as facilitate workshops for small groups.

This assessment has proved invaluable – I use it all 👏 the 👏 time 👏 – for myself and my clients. Plus, the process of the evaluation the most tender and heart-awakening journeyssuch potent magic!

By the way, my Soul’s Agenda is to make Magic.

Ani has been my good friend for many years and was my coach in the most formative moments of my business. She’s the one that said: hey, you should offer dreamwork.

You can purchase the book on Kindle and Audible.

2. Book a Soul’s Agenda Guided Session with me

Remember that planner club I suggested you start with your besties? Book me for a Soul’s Agenda session to take you through the assessment to find your “one word that will make your whole life a success.”

Whether you want to book me for a group*, yourself, or your loved one…

Click the link here to purchase your 3 hour Soul’s Agenda Session for $180 for a limited time.

*groups of more than 4 people will require more time and be an additional $20/person

Handmade Ceramics and Nature Photography, by Earth Witchery

Fucking Trinket Trays (buy two as gifts and give two fucks!)

Sara’s Etsy shop, Earth Witchery is full of the 👏 most 👏 amazing 👏 pottery and nature photography. You can check out her amazing work at this link.

Sara is a multi-media artist, primarily working with clay and nature, who uses creativity as a practice for meditation and nervous system regulation. She is passionate about how the act of creating with our hands can expell trauma from the body. She can be found at the pottery wheel throwing cauldrons for witchcraft, or outside somewhere in the dirt.

Her Fucking Trinket Trays are coming soon! In the meantime, she has beautiful ceramics and photos of her nature mandalas. They’re truly breath-taking!

Fun fact, Sara and I worked on one of her dreams several years ago and when I asked her at the end of her session what she would do to honor the dream, she said, “take a pottery class.”

Next Up: Fake Boyfriend for the Holidays

My dear friend Indigo Esmonde wants to be your Fake Boyfriend for the Holidays with either their Rom Com Classic, Rom Com with a Twist, or Identity Switch packages.

Here’s how they described their performance art for the Holidays packages:

It happens every December. You think you’ll be getting an engagement ring, but no, not this year. Instead your boyfriend dumps you just before Christmas. Again! You know you can’t go home fiancé-free. You have no choice. So you stop in at the corner café, grab the first stranger who looks, if not employed, at least employable, and convince him to be your fake boyfriend for the holidays. 

On the long drive out to the suburbs, you discover you both patronize the same artisanal cheese shop and you share a disdain for reality golf shows. He seems promising! But midway through the first luncheon at your parents’ farmhouse table, he insults your sister’s famous green bean casserole, breaks the 200-year old Christmas ornament that inspired a minor Whitman poem, and embarks on a forty-five minute monologue about overland irrigation in Portugal in the 1500s during which he expresses some peculiarly offensive ideas about Early Renaissance aqueduct construction. It’s not even Christmas Eve yet, and the whole holiday is ruined. 

There’s a better way. Let me be the man of your dreams!

I’m a trained actor, an award-winning drag king, and a co-founder of the Institute for the Calibration of Reality. More importantly, my Sun is in Sagittarius while my Jupiter is in its domicile in Pisces.

I will be your Fake Boyfriend this festive season. You can design the perfect man (me) to attend up to 5 hours of your family, friend, and workplace holiday events (as long as they take place online). Maybe you’re looking for a middle-aged professional croquet referee named Rufus who loves wine tasting, the zoo, and live-blogging Melbourne city council meetings. Or perhaps you want a wunderkind ad exec with a sexy French accent who can impress your parents with post-structuralist critiques of Eastern European decorative napkin-folding. This year, you really can get everything you want for Christmas.

Choose from three Fake Boyfriend Packages!

  • Rom Com Classic: It’s a classic for a reason. We’ll have all kinds of funny mix-ups and jolly confusion because half the time I won’t even remember my own (fake) name! I’ll completely forget what gingerbread is, and you’ll swoon when I demonstrate my mediocre piano skills while singing White Christmas. We’ll leave out key details of our backstory and need to improvise. When your mother asks what I do for a living, you can say “architect” while I say “florist,” and then when your parents look hopelessly confused, you can say “he’s a floral architect!” while I say “I make small buildings out of snapdragons.” Or when your neighbor asks how we met, you’ll say “On a Caribbean cruise,” I’ll say “At the orthodontist,” and we’ll follow up with “It was a cruise with a lot of amenities!”
  • Rom Com with a Twist: I’ll flirt with your sister, try to steal from your mother’s bank account, spend most of my time tweeting snarky comments about your family’s Christmas dinner, and generally be the worst boyfriend ever. I’ll put your present in a jewelry-sized box to get your parents’ hopes up, and when you open it you’ll find a Joni Mitchell CD. On Christmas Day I’ll announce that I got a big promotion, I’m moving across the country, and I’m breaking up with you. Just in time for you to get back together with your ex!
  • Identity Switch: We’ll spice up the Rom Com Classic package with a double identity swap! I’ll be a prince who has switched places with a lookalike commoner so I can see how “real people” live, and you, believing me to be an unaccomplished sous-chef, will hire me to impersonate your fiancé. Halfway through our time together, I will reveal myself to be the Prince of San Liechtenbourg and your family will be thrilled they’re spending holidays with royalty!

Cost: $1495 USD plus expenses (e.g., heirloom emerald engagement ring, Christmas horse rental, hors d’oeuvre tray)

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will sell out quickly, so book your free Discovery Call to find out how to make the most of my Fake Boyfriend service!

The Elements of Creativity, by Nikki Starcat Shields

Is there someone in your life who’s had a book idea trapped inside their head for a long time? Is it screaming to get out? Or is it another type of long-form creative project that’s battering at the exit?

Help has arrived.

My dear friend, Nikki Starcat Shields, has just launched her new book, The Elements of Creativity.

The Elements of Creativity is a transformative guide to unlocking one’s innate creativity and writing that book you’ve always dreamed of. Nikki takes the reader on a creative journey through the wisdom of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. 

Along the way you’ll learn to banish resistance, find your authentic voice, and develop the habit of being creative. This book is not just about writing; it’s about discovering your unique magick and letting it ripple into all corners of your life.

Nikki Starcat Shields an author, a book midwife (aka writing coach) and a leader of transformational writing retreats. With over 30 years of experience, Nikki knows how to guide people to become Thriving Artists, writing their heartfelt books while nurturing themselves and their creative lives. Her expertise and mentorship have already helped many aspiring authors find their voice and write with ease.

The Elements of Creativity is a perfect gift for the aspiring authors, enterprising entrepreneurs, and other creative (and hard to buy for) people in your life. Get your copies here: https://nikkistarcatshields.com/elementsbook/

Artwork by Anna’s Breath

Anna Bousquet is a watercolor artist with a passion for the Hermetic arts. Her work is steeped in ritual and focuses on astrology, alchemy and magick. Anna’s aim is to bring the symbolic language of the collective unconscious forward into our homes and onto our altars, taking us on a beautiful journey of integration, self discovery and empowerment.

Anna has Seasonal Greeting Cards available in her shop!

These unique, handmade greeting cards, made with the finest quality print paper and archival inks, include a special message pertaining to the richly symbolic image. They are truly a gift in themselves,
crafted from the heart with love and intention.

There are 5 cards total, one of each image, and are accompanied by high quality white envelopes.

Included images:

  • Goddess Brigid’s Portal
  • Cailleach mandala
  • Persephone’s Dream
  • Priestess of Integration
  • Peace With the Past

Plus her Luxury set of the Celestial Influence Altar Cards is an epic gift for any astrology/magick lover.

Each set includes:

  • -22 painted altar cards, which illustrate through rich Hermetic symbolism 10 of the heavenly bodies, and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.
  • -A 105 page, illustrated companion book, with an in depth description of each celestial entity, a table of correspondences, and how to work with them magickally!
  • -2 quality miniature wooden easels to display your cards on your altar.
  • (Optional)-A stunning magnetic flip top box, which is covered in fine Japanese book cloth, embossed with rose gold foil, and made with my own hands and heart!

50% off Gift Certificates for Tarot Readings by Ineisha Paredes

I’ve had a lot of Tarot Readings!

Some have been great! Some have been awful.

My reading with Ineisha blew 👏 my 👏 mind 👏!! Ineisha is an Intuitive Psychic and she’s not messing around – she brought all her tools to play in my reading. I was so impressed, I bought gift certificates for friends and clients!

Here’s what Ineisha has to say about her offer:

If there’s anything that is true about me, and the Tarot is that I like to see the picture. 

I like to discover all sides of any curiosity or confusion, shedding light on the tiniest of detail to the most panoramic views of life’s journey. And so, I have sharpened my skills with precision in illuminating the unseen aspects that may be holding us back from stepping fully into our potentiality at any moment.

Whether you find yourself searching for something that hasn’t materialized into form yet,

 Seeking answers to specific questions and requiring clarity on your life’s purpose,

Or simply wish to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what you may be overlooking.

I offer you the silver lining in a session with me. I will make sure to give to you clarity as clear as day and tap into the part of you that shines brilliantly and help it radiate outwardly!

Treat yourself and your close ones with a 50% OFF Gift Certificate through the end of the year and receive an hour Zoom session with me for $55 dollars and book through June of 2024!  Schedule Appointment with Sunshine Readings (acuityscheduling.com)

Ineisha discovered her gift for perceiving the world through energy and has since nurtured this skill. Her ability to listen and provide insightful advice led to the realm of divination, where she now offers transformative tarot and oracle card readings. Ineisha helps clients rekindled forgotten parts of themselves and brings them peace of mind. Ineisha demystifies the spiritual realm, bringing inspiration and reinvigoration back into the spirits of her clients.

Ineisha – Psychic Intuitive – Sunshine Readings

2023 Holiday Raffle with Maggie Spade

Maggie Spade is a Deep Transformation Healer and coach with 30+ years of experience in healing. She is particularly passionate about championing the AuDHD sensitive soul and reconciling humans with nature, especially our own. You can read more about Maggie here.

Tickets for this raffle are only $20!! With this ticket not only do you get a chance to win a 3.5 month deep transformation package ($1,950 value!) but HALF of the proceeds from this raffle go to support Redwoods Rising, an ambitious ecological restoration project protecting and resorting of growth forest. Purchase as many tickets as you like, each gets one chance in the drawing happening on January 1st.

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