July 5, 2015

About Me

Life coach Julie Balderrama smiles.

Are you Living the Life You Dream of?

What are your unfulfilled aspirations?  

What do you want more than anything, but just haven’t been able to Realize?  

I am fiercely passionate about supporting you in learning how to Co-Create with the Universe so that you can feel the way you want to feel and have the life you want to have.

I want to see all your Dreams come true!

When you’re tired of the old way, the pushing way, the way that makes you sick, exhausted, depressed and resentful, I’m here to guide you.  You know there’s got to be a better way – I’m here to show you that way.

Julie’s approach to coaching and personal transformation embraces the natural laws of the Universe and the divine paradoxes of life.

To shift out of overwhelm, depression, anxiety, and exhaustion, we embrace the healthy feminine energies of mystery, stillness, and flow.  To shift out of lethargy, over-giving until it hurts, worry, feeling powerless, we call on the healthy masculine energies of structure, discipline, and planning.  Working with these two universal energies in co-creation instead of in competition and you are in that state of ease and grace we call flow.

Julie helps you excavate the sabotaging patterns holding you back from your dreams. She will not let you give up on yourself, but in a way that allows you to be all of who you are – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the unseen and unfulfilled.

Julie knows that when we deny our human nature we lose.

She is passionate about you, in a way that we all wish someone would love us.  She will be your biggest champion and your most devoted fan.

Julie gives you permission to be exactly as you are.

When you in turn give yourself permission to be, everything becomes possible and your Dreams come true. 

Have a love affair with your life and everything becomes delicious.

Julie is a Wise, Wild, and Liberated Woman who can expertly guide you through the transformational journey to embrace your own True Self and Live the Life you Dream Of.

Persphone holds pomegranate seeds

As a certified coach and healer, she’s studied principals of universal wisdom through Taoism, Qigong, Dreamwork, Hakomi Therapy, Qoya, NLP, and many other healing modalities.  She compassionately engages healthy feminine aspects of loving kindness to help you establish your own Self Love Vision.  From this firm foundation, you can clear out what isn’t working to make room for what your heart desires. 

With integrity, Julie will tap into the parts of you that already know how perfect you are and light the way so you become your own spiritual guide.

A person faces a large dreamcatcher.

Julie continues to plumb the depths of medicine available to us in the body, emotions, and subconscious. She has her Coaching Certification in Circle of Life Coaching and a Wellness Coaching Certification from the Spencer Institute.  She is a Senior Trainer for Tai Chi Easy and has a 200 hour Certification in Qigong and Tai Chi.  Julie has studied Dream work with Toko-pa Turner, Robert Moss, and Jeremy Taylor.  A life-long learner, Julie has studied everything from Hakomi Therapy and NLP to the Tarot, Astrology, and Crystal Healing.