Self-Care Offers the Best ROI

A few moments in life tend to stand out as turning points, a cross roads where we become conscious that we can choose a different way – a better way. For me, I remember the day I caught myself saying (for about the millionth time):

I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy.

I remember wondering to myself

How many times a day or a week do I say this? 
What important things are out of balance because I’m so busy??
What exactly am I so busy with?
Is it worth it?

How many times do you catch yourself saying something to that effect? Do you have a never-ending list of things to do? What parts of your life are out of balance because your list goes on and on?

If you’re an idea person like me, I bet you have no end of things to do – most of them you probably even want to do! 

If you’re a Visionary, a Leader, or a Change-Maker – I bet you’ve got a long list of goals and action steps that both excites and overwhelms you!

You’ve probably realized by now that you can’t possibly do it all, despite your best efforts.

So how do you know where to invest your time and energy? How do you discern between what’s urgent and what’s important? Which tasks on that ceaseless list will get you the most bang for your buck?

And how can you shine your light in the world without burning out?

We often imagine that our biggest Return on Investment (for our time, energy, or money) is something outside ourselves, something we do out in the world.

Emails we send, contacts we make, or events we attend. Classes we sign up for, or webinars we watch. They all promise us the magic formula, don’t they?

They just might hold the key to what we all really want (ultimately) – to live with purpose, on purpose – all while feelings free, happy, and relaxed. 

 What I’ve found in my own life and as I’ve had the honor to witness with my clients, is that the best Return on Investment – for any goal you might have – is Self Care.

Get plenty of sleep.
Move my body.
Drink plenty of water.
Find some time for stillness.
Connect with nature.

Those are a few of my go-to Self Care practices. They are the non-negotiable habits I invest in each and every day. When I invest in my Self Care, I feel better. I have less forced down-time by my body which takes the form of illness or pain. 

I have more clarity, more focus, and more energy, which means I can shine my light out in the world without burning out.

I have more confidence – which means my to-do list actually gets shorter because I’m not seduced by the notion that being busy is a measure of my self worth.

My external world shifts when I pay attention to my self-care, rather than focus all my energy on controlling the people and situations in my life. When I invest in supporting myself, I can stop pushing, driving, and striving. 

I am in flow. Everything seems easier, divinely directed.

As you set goals – whether for your business, your health, your relationships, or your personal growth – it can be so tempting to believe that investing in things outside yourself will offer you the greatest ROI.

For my money though (and my time and energy), I’ve found that investing in the more Yin or feminine practices of self-care offers me a rate of return I just can’t get from anything else on that task list.

Do you have your non-negotiable self care habits?

Do you have habits you say are non-negotiable, but tend to sacrifice when the going gets tough or when someone needs you?

Have you dabbled with self-care here and there, but just can’t seem to get a routine in place that supports you?

I’d love to talk with you. Self-care is at the center of any and all goals I set and plans I make for myself and with my clients.

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