Practice All the Time

One of the greatest tricks our mind plays on us is telling us we do not have time for a Body-Mind Practice. That somehow, because the practice isn’t linked to an End Result, we aren’t worth the time, space, or dedication it would take to have a consistent practice. Because it feels so wonderful, somehow we trick ourselves into thinking it’s indulgent. Practice is supposed to be hard and maybe slightly tedious.

What if we view our Body-Mind Practice as…practice (not perfection)?  A fun, easy, feel-good practice. Practice for the ability to make space in our thoughts, our words, our actions, our bodies. Practice tuning into ourselves for a self-check. What do I feel physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually? Am I stressed or relaxed? Do I feel different than yesterday? Have I been able to let go of something that no longer serves me? Have I felt a sense of peace or connectedness with my higher self and the True Source – with Love?

Athletes practice. Musicians practice. Doctors practice. Even Comedians practice. And practice, and practice, and practice. For their performance. For Game Day.

Our Body-Mind Practice is the same thing. We practice for Life. Shouldn’t our practice for the Biggest Game Of All be enough reason to carve out space in our schedule and in our mind? Enough space to connect. To know that peace – to know how to get to that peace – that quiet, blissful space where we sense the Big Connection. We practice getting there so that when Life happens, we know how to play the notes, or throw the ball, or say the line.

We know how to live.

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