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Dream magic podcast

Create a Living Relationship with your Dreams and work with the Magic that arises

I am Julie Balderrama, the Lazy Dream Witch and Headmaster at The Embodied Dream Academy. I believe we all have the potential for living a magical life, if we approach it with curiosity and a willingness to cooperate with the Universe. And I've found that Dreamwork is the foundational language that increases the efficacy of all other magic. In this podcast, we weave together a living relationship with dreams and magic.The podcast is released in groupings of three, that take you on a journey with other Dreamers and Magicians through the depths of the unconscious. Together, we’ll explore how engaging with dreams changes consciousness.We start each adventure with a Dreamer - someone willing to let us borrow their dream. We weave our way into their dream, finding openings and ahas, then back out again to the "rhymes" in Waking Life - what sounds familiar?Next, we tap into the Collective Consciousness by sharing the dream with another expert Magician and asking them, "If this were your dream, how would you engage with it?" Finally we land again with the Dreamer to see what new magic unfolded since they dreamed the dream.

Dream Magic

Somatic Dreamwork to Change Your Consciousness
The Embodied Dream Academy

The Embodied Dream Academy is a Membership Group for Dreamers, Magicians, and Soul-Artists who want to breathe into a Living Relationship with their Dreams and work with the Magic that emerges. With an experimental attitude and deep listening to the body’s sensations, it’s is a romp through the subconscious to Influence the collective Waking Dream (what Muggles call “real” life). With 5 Dream Tending circles a month facilitated by expert Dream Magicians in Grief, Creativity, and Somatic Magic, The Embodied Dream Academy facilitates deep tending to your dream and magical works. Click the Circle to get more information about The Embodied Dream Academy.

WEAVING: a Dream Mentorship

Create Your Dream is the first step in my process to help you take your Big Dreams and Goals and bring them into physical form out into the world – without sacrificing your health, your relationships, or your sanity. The world needs you to engage! As a highly sensitive, compassionate Visionary, bringing your lofty (and plentiful) ideas into reality can be challenging and overwhelming. Create Your Dream offers a blend of structure and freedom to unite your will so you stop hustling for your worth and start seeing your dreams come true. Your feelings create your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality. Work with your feelings and thoughts to create the Life of your Dreams!

UNRAVEL: Get Unstuck with Somatic Dream Coaching

Private Dream Coaching for Influencers and Change Makers making a difference in the world. Dreams are potent sources of infinite energy. Working with your dreams nurture the gifts of wisdom, insight, and healing offered as you sleep to creatively influence the Collective Waking Dream. Dreamwork asks you to embrace feminine energies of mystery, stillness, and the slower paced heartbeat of the earth. They reveal bit by bit, layer by layer the awesome breadth of being-ness as you court, tend, and honor the process of discovering and loving every aspect of your messy, feeling, unruly, beautiful human self. Our assignment as characters in this Waking Dream is to continue to explore the vast terrain of our psyche and heal the frayed or broken bridges connecting us with our True Nature. This is our Offering to the World

Julie Balderrama

The Lazy Dream Witch

I’m your go-to Dream Witch. I’m here to help you get the most out of your dreams (the ones you have when you’re asleep) so you can UP your Magical potency to influence your Waking Dreams. I get off on those skin-tingling moments of recognition when we hit on the Truth our dreams bring us. Mmmm…so delicious!

My gift is in traveling the supernatural, swampy path of the internal landscape.
Working with me will take you on your deepest dive yet into your subconscious terrain.

But I don’t interpret your dreams for you. Why?

Because Dreams are a conversation with your Essence. And when we embody the dream, going beyond the mental masturbation, we tap into the inner wisdom, creativity, and wholeness you already possess. How magical is that?!

I’m here to guide you through it.
Asking the right questions.
Inviting you to create a living relationship with your symbols.
Illuminating the connections and rhymes between your sleeping and waking dreams.

Inviting you to feel the dream images in your body. 
Guiding you into the sensations and the story they tell.
About what meanings you made from your conditions.
What patterns you formed and where they’re housed in your body.

And the inkling of a new image for your body to believe.
One that invites the unfolding of possibilities you couldn’t see before you dreamed this dream.



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