September 20, 2017

Welcome to the Dream Lounge!

Welcome Dreamer!

I’m so glad you’re joining the monthly membership, the Dream Lounge!

You’re next step is to join us in the Facebook group by clicking here.

In the group you’ll find the Video Library to get you started with some Dreamwork Basics.

You’ll also get the schedule for the Virtual Dream Sharing Circles through Zoom.  We have two calls each month – each at different days and times to help meet the needs of various schedules.  You are welcome to attend both calls and strongly encouraged to attend at least one a month.

Please also post your Dreams in the Facebook group for the community to Play with in between our calls.  The more you play with your and other people’s dreams, the more you understand how to work with your clients’s dreams – so please participate!

If you ever have any questions, you can message me on Facebook or tag me in the group!

Sweet Dreams!