August 2, 2017

VIP Dream Date


Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung

We all have, as Caroline Casey calls it, “a dangerous beautiful assignment.”  This assignment is to courageously embark on a journey to know and love ourselves as deeply as possible.  


We burst onto the scene with exactly what we need to help us on our quest – the journey to the center of our Self.

The right family.  The right trauma.  The right obstacles.

The right Guides.  The right Tools.  The Right Magic.

The Right Dreams

Our dreams come in service to us – they come to help us! Dreams offer us wisdom, creativity, and clarity.  Most of all, our Dreams lead us back to those lost parts of ourselves longing to be Remembered back into the Whole.

And along the way we learn to love.  We learn compassion.  We learn forgiveness.

We learn how to set boundaries and honor our desires.

We learn to speak our Truth and to be still.

We learn to bravely embrace vulnerability.

Dancing with your Dreams is a Sacred Practice.  We’ve been seeking guidance from our dreams since the beginning of time, telling our dreams to each other and asking:

What do you think it means?

Our dreams are unabashedly intimate and personal.  And why not?  Our subconscious isn’t particularly concerned with the illusions we’ve created for ourselves – our subconscious is always driving toward truth!

Our dreams long for us to have a deep, visceral relationship with them.  They want us to see them, know them, snuggle up and get cozy with them. They want us to write about them, tell them, dance them, and paint them.  They want to inspire us to journey, to create, and express ourselves with wild abandon.

Let’s have a Date with Your Dreams

Your VIP Dream Date

You’re ready to for this kind of relationship with your dreams, aren’t you?  But working with your dreams on your own can sometimes feel like a key piece of the puzzle is just out of reach.  As I guide my clients through their dream landscape in this truly unique process, together we uncover the hidden truths and wisdom available to you in your dreams.

In our VIP Dream Date, we’ll spend the first hour doing a more traditional investigation of your dream and what messages might be available to you. Using intuitive guidance, I offer questions as guides for you to explore your inner landscape.

In the second hour we call upon the shamanic practice of journeying to re-enter the dream – a waking lucid dreaming experience. This journey can aid you to gain clarity, co-create a new experience with Source that shifts consciousness, call back lost parts of your Self (soul retrieval), and create a new timeline for moving forward.

In the last half of the Dream Date, we imagine ways to honor the dream by engaging in energy movement practices such as Qigong or free flowing dance.  This beautiful embodiment of the dream is at once a celebration and offer of gratitude for the wisdom medicine, strengthening your relationship with your Dream Guides.

The last phase of the Dream Date process is to create an Action Plan based on the insight we receive while working with the dream together.  Dreams call us to take Action!  Intentionally bringing your dream to life by designing embodied practices to integrate the dream wisdom generates transformational vibrations that can influence all aspects of your life.

The investment for your 4 hour VIP Dream Date is $900.  This type of deep sacred work fills up quickly on my calendar, so book your Dream Date now!

Not sure if this is for you?  Let’s chat – book a Discovery Session with me by clicking here.

When searching for answers, why not look within?  Your Dreams will guide you.  I’ve been working with my dreams and guiding clients through their Dream Landscape for 5 years now and I can honestly say that Dream work has been one of the most transformational practices I’ve encountered.

Many of us are just now waking up to the Power of working with our Dreams.  Some of us are so busy and weighed down by life’s demands, we can’t recall our last dream at all.  If you are ready to begin dancing with your dreams, but need a little Dream Boost, fill out the form to get my free gift:

5 Tips for Boosting Dream Recall

Sweet Dreams Loves!

5 Tips for Boosting Dream Recall

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