May 24, 2016

Sacred Self Care Sessions

Deep Personal Transformation and Growth happens with Ease and Grace when we feel Resourced and Healthy.  The beauty of the BodyMind Connection is that it works both ways!  Our thoughts affect our body – helping us feel free, light, and confident (or if our thoughts are challenging and full of turmoil, our body can feel tight, heavy, in pain, or ill).  However, when we begin to take exquisite care of ourselves – body, emotions, and spirit – our MIND will begin to shift and change too!  Creating new somatic experiences in the body that send the message: I AM WORTHY and I AM LOVED are powerful ways to change your past stories that have convinced you otherwise.

This program is for resilient, resourceful, and determined seekers who feel stuck and overwhelmed – in their body, in their relationships, and with their life purpose.  By identifying how you want to feel and then creating goals and plans around that feeling, we will lay a solid foundation of Exquisite Self Care to prepare for deeper transformation and healing so you can shine your very special light into the world with vibrance and relaxed confidence.
Building on our Mindfulness Practice, the Sacred Self Care Sessions will help you gain clarity about how you want to feel, what lights you up, and what isn’t working in your life.  Then we choose the BEST next step to help you move closer to the life you want.  Turn pain into pleasure, critical thoughts into loving presence, and harmful habits into a Sacred Self Care Practice!
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