September 17, 2017

Dream Lounge

The Dream Lounge

Dream Lounge is a Release. An Outbreath.

Dream Lounge is Freedom to Be + Community + Self Mastery in a fun romp through our archetypal, mystical, magical Dreamscapes….

Bringing together heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and wisdom leaders in a collective Dream space, we have the power – through community and commitment to transparent vulnerability – to create sustained transformation in our Dream Time and in our Waking Life.

Our time is precious.  We are out there making a difference, shining our light and inviting others to step into the fullest expression of themselves so together we can change the world.  We bring all of our tools and magic to the table.

As coaches, mentors, healers, teachers, and wisdom leaders, we know how important doing our own consciousness and personal development work is to our mission.

Knowing ourselves is our magnificent obsession.  And it is this drive that creates our ultimate contribution to the world.

We know the value of a supportive, skilled community in which to dive deep into our dreams, our limiting beliefs, our struggles and fears.  We know how powerful it can be to belong to a sanctuary where it’s safe to show up as our authentic and vulnerable selves.  And we know the opportunity to be held in safe space becomes more rare as we step into expansive levels of Leadership.

But where to place our precious time and energy?  How can we consciously create the feelings that raise our vibration to Co-Creator? What’s the most efficient path to our subconscious – to the container for our heart’s desires and our limiting beliefs?  What’s the key to knowing ourselves as the Divine Experience we are and to receiving the abundance we know is available to us?

You can start using Dreamwork right now to help your clients.  In this group, I’ll show you how as you also experience for yourself just how powerful and transformational Dream Dancing can be.

If you’re anything like me, every experience has the potential to become a tool I use to serve my community.  Owning my ability to use the practices and skills I already have to incorporate the powerful potential of Dreamwork with my clients has been a game changer for me.  I want to empower you to feel confident about adding this modality to your Magic Backpack too!

We know that the more we invest our time, money, and energy in our own journey of self knowing and self love, the better able we are to be of service in the world from a place of integrity and joy.  In the Dream Lounge, you’ll get a basic understanding of Dreamwork as coaching (not interpretation) plus a community in which to hone your Dreamwork skills with self mastery professionals.

The Dream Lounge membership is for you if:

  • You want to learn the magic of Dreamwork, but you don’t have time to get another certification
  • You know Dreamwork will help you help your clients and the best way to help your clients is to help yourself
  • You long for a place where you can feel supported in a highly empathic and skilled community of your peers
  • You want to uncover every limiting belief, every block, every message in your body that gives you another key to unlocking deeper understanding of how to tick.
  • You know that investing in yourself is the best investment you can make in your business
  • You geek out over Shadow Work – understanding those parts of ourselves that long to be integrated back into the whole
  • You are a deeply empathic, high integrity, and compassionate coach, healer, guide, teacher, or mentor with a host of tools to bring to this Dream Sharing community

This Dream Lounge membership is not for you if:

  • You are joining to find potential clients
  • You are joining to find potential joint venture partnerships
  • You are not willing to show up and be vulnerable with your community, sharing your triumphs and your struggles
  • You are more interested in giving advice than navigating your own story
  • You are attached to interpreting people’s dreams for them instead of coaching them through the dreamscape
  • Your style for helping others is to fix instead of ask questions and empower

If the Dream Lounge sounds like the perfect place for you, schedule an interview with me now by clicking my calendar link —>

Don’t see a time that works for you?  Contact me here to find a time that does –>

We have so many coaching tools and healing modalities for uncovering anything that gets in the way of us experiencing ourselves as the Divine.  However, Dreamwork is one of the most efficient paths to the subconscious I know of.  Dreams don’t lie.  They don’t let us get away with continuing to erect any sense of false identity or maintain denial about our internal world.  

Dreams are a perfect vehicle for doing deep personal work, especially shadow work that allows us to better serve our clients and ourselves.

Having a group of equally skilled self mastery professionals provides a safe space where we can show up as we are, in all our vulnerability and and consciously dive into the disconnects that keep us from feeling the way we want to feel in waking life.

Best of all, Dream Work is fun!  I’ve created the Virtual Dream Circle I’ve always wanted to belong to!  Dreams ask us to play with them in a number of different ways!  We can not only share our dreams and get curious about the symbols, but we can paint, dance, do dream theatre, journey, write poetry, play music, pull tarot and so much more.  I can’t wait to play in our Dreamscapes together!

The Details – For an investment of $197/month you get:

  • Monthly membership group held within the container of a Facebook group
  • Bi-monthly Dream Sharing Circles via Zoom
  • Dream sharing anytime within the Facebook community with availability to the group’s insights and tools
  • Access to a library full of short, informational videos detailing basic knowledge and tools for Dream Work
  • New monthly content added to set the theme for exploring and playing with our Dreams in more colorful ways, building on the skills we already have as coaches, healers, and mentors
  • Discounts on Dream Guide and Dream Date packages with me

If this sounds like you, schedule a call to set up your membership in the Dream Lounge –>

Affiliate compensation is available for any memberships you bring to the Lounge – let’s talk about what that means for you!

Can’t wait to see you in the Dream Lounge!