October 2, 2018

My Self Love Manifesto

I am Whole and Well and Perfect, exactly the way that I am.

I don’t need to be fixed or work on myself any damn longer.  I never needed to. I wasn’t broken in the first place.

I am Divine.

I am Love.


The stories in my head that used to drag me down, make me small, put me in my cage – they no longer take up residence here.  I’ve shaken off all that isn’t soul.

I’m a Goddess.  I’m a Wild Woman.

I’m a Fire Starter, a Wise Woman, a Healer.

I’m Light and Dark, Above and Below.

I’m a Mother and a Lover.

I’m that friend that will love all of you when you cannot love yourself.


I am No Thing.  I dress myself in identity, then shed it just as easily.

I am seeking.  I’m devoted to curiosity.

I experimenting.  I’m learning to love the mess and the chaos.  

I’m snuggling up with not knowing and surrendering to the mystery.

I’m leaping before I look and I’m trusting process over product.

I believe in some things more than others, but nothing unconditionally.

I sojourn with possibility.

I am a Dreamer.

I plumb the depths of my subconscious and agree to be shamelessly intimate with psyche.

I agree to live with the Questions my dreams bring me, rather than seeking someone’s else’s answers.

I create a sanctuary for my bliss, for the part of me that abides always in Love.

I am a DreamWeaver.  

I weave the Questions into Waking Life and revel in the felt shift of consciousness, bringing me closer to Home:

That space where I know I AM Love

Everything else is an illusion.

I want to know and love each part of me.

I want to integrate them back into the whole.

I want to embrace my shame, my anger, my fear, and grief.

I seek to express my Divine Self

Rather than the looped story of my trauma.

I am Untamed.  

I laugh loudly.  I love fiercely.

I yell, I scream, I cry.  

I dance with abandon, feeling the movement inhabit each cell of my being.

I step into the fire to find out what I’m made of.

I rock the boat.  I watch it all fall apart.  

I break my heart wide open and own my tender vulnerability.

I will not be subdued.

I am no longer content to be manageable.

I will not dim my light to make myself more palatable.  

I will not muzzle my voice, my thoughts, my body, my sex, my soul, or my love.  

I will not hide my grief or my passion, my anger or my joy.  

I will not temper my expression, nor contain my Self.

I give a fuck.

I’m discerning about the fucks I give.  

I don’t waste them on judgement or what other people think of me. That’s none of my business.

I give a fuck about how my body feels. How I nurture myself.  What my heart desires.

I give a fuck about How I show up in the world.  

I give a fuck about making this world a better place for all living beings.

I will Live Out Loud.  I will shine. I will be free. And I will Love mightily.  

I am unashamed.

I tell you truly: I love all that I AM.  Exactly the way that I am. This love is Sacred and I vow to honor it all the days of my life.  I will howl it from my soul to my heart when my head forgets.

I love Myself.

I love my Body.

I love my emotions, my intellect, and my intuition.

I love my Shadow and my Light.

I love by Good Girl and my Bad Girl.

I love my Victim and my Warrior.

I love my Higher Self and My Lower Self.

I love my stillness and my movement.

I love my discipline and my indulgences.

I love pleasure.  And I’m trying to love the pain.

I am remembering how to love those parts of me that feel dark, shameful, wrong, ugly, and loathsome.

I will not shrink from this Sacred Journey inward.  I will shed each layer of illusion as I trek further into the underworld – the unknown parts of myself – just as the Heroines who have come before me have done since the beginning of time.  

I bravely and tenaciously call back those parts of my soul flung into my past.  

I sing a tender soul song of home and belonging to them, to love them back into Wholeness once again.

I will embrace conflict as a path toward growth.  

I will stand before what scares me.

I will speak up though my voice shakes.

I will ask questions, I will stir things up, I will call you out, and I will unflinchingly hold a space for all the chaos to happen in its perfect timing.

Through it all, I will love myself.

Exactly as I AM.

I will continue to show up for my life.  

To enlist myself as a co-creator in this beautiful, dangerous assignment called Life.

I may be exhausted.

I may howl my frustrations to the sky.

I may weep and I may be terrified.  

I may even look away sometimes.

This journey may be awkward, it may be uncomfortable, and it may feel at times like I’m dying.

But I will show up – and I will love myself through each Divinely human moment.