October 17, 2018

6 Steps to turn your “Bad” Dreams into Good Medicine

All Dreams come to you in service to your health and wholeness.  With this in mind, there’s really no such thing as a “bad” dream.  Our Nightmare’s are a gift to us – if we know how to work with them!

Nightmares can be pretty disturbing right?  Often they throw our Waking Life into a tailspin.  Have you ever had one of those lingering Nightmares? That stays with you for days or weeks?  Or sometimes even years?

Why do we have nightmares?  And how can we work with them?

Nightmares are often a wake-up call that something in your life desperately wants your attention.  Your system could be asking you to heal a past trauma or wound in order to free up energy that you could otherwise use for reaching those goals you want to reach.

Or your Nightmare could be warning you that a life circumstance has become harmful, unsustainable, and dangerous to your well-being.

Click to purchase this Nightmare Field Guide for $31 and get 6 practical steps to help you unlock the guidance, messages, and wisdom in your Nightmares.

This Field Guide gives you constructive, easy, and accessible steps to work with the gifts and Good Medicine your Nightmares bring you.  Your Nightmares come to you in service of your health and wholeness.  They ask you to face, heal, and transform so that you can live your full potential.  Nightmares offer the gift of releasing and transforming anything that is holding you back from creating the life you want to live!

Included in the Nightmare Field Guide is 6 Steps to working with your Nightmares, plus two videos with Guided practices to expand your ability to engage with your Nightmares. 

The first video cultivates the ability to meet the discomfort or fear associated with the images in your Nightmare with Awareness and Compassion. 

Next, follow the guided process to Re-Enter your Dream to reclaim your power. 

For only $31, The Nightmare Field Guide will give you the tools you need to turn your “bad” dream into Good Medicine.

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Self Care is one of the best ways I know to strengthen my container.  We can’t stay with big feelings and take on big challenges if we don’t feel resourced and nourished.  I call this “strengthening your container.”

Everything is energy.  Your thoughts, your memories, emotions.  And your Nightmares.  Empaths, highly sensitive people, bleeding hearts, healers, and wisdom keepers who work with energy constantly will want to strengthen their capacity to hold and wield Energy like a true Master!

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